What Services Does a Skype Resolver Offer?

Skype is one of the most trusted software for making internet calls. Every day, there are millions of people who contact each other via Skype using its voice or video call service. Chatting and talking is not the only thing that people use Skype for. There are many other details that a person might be interested in knowing such as someone’s IP address, email address, country, and name. This information is not displayed on Skype, so people use online Skype resolvers to get them.

These tools are accurate, fast and available free of cost. They provide the details in the form of a report that includes the Skype user’s location, area, city, country, ISP and many other details.

These tools are also easy to use. All you need to do is open the tool online and enter the Skype ID of a user. There are a few websites which give the details after solving a captcha code, while some sites provide the report without any captcha codes.

These are the services provided by a Skype resolver, and you can select any one of these:

Skype to IP

Skype to IP means that you can enter the Skype username, and you will get its IP address along with the location, city, country, latitude and longitude of the person using the Skype ID.

IP to Skype

This feature is the reverse of the above service. Using this service, you can enter the IP address and get the Skype username. It is an excellent way to look for a Skype username using the IP address.

Email to Skype

It is always easy to look for a Skype username with an email address. If someone is not responding to your emails, you can look for their Skype username via their email address using online Skype resolvers.

Skype to Email

If you choose this option, it will give you the email address of a person whose Skype username you enter.

Database Lookup

Skype resolvers also offer a database lookup option, which you can use to look for the information of a Skype user quickly.

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