Top 6 Tips To Use Free WI-FI

Top 6 Tricks To Use Free WI-FI:

As our lives are more and more dependent on the internet and you don’t want to pay for the internet data, then you must try these Top 6 Tricks To Use Free Wi-Fi to us the free Wi-Fi without spending money on it. many of us want to avail free Wi-Fi anywhere we go but not all the Wi-Fi is free that is why follow these simple methods to get free access to Wi-Fi anywhere you go. Buying a data package for using the internet everywhere can because of you lot of money but through this simple tricks, you can access free Wi-Fi wherever you go.
Tricks To Use Free Wi-Fi

1.Ask a Stanger:

You might think that getting a free Wi-Fi might be very difficult at times but it is not. All you have to do is ask a friendly Stanger whom you think knows the password of that place such as your neighbors, gym instructor, the waiter of a café or even the librarian can tell you the password of the Wi-Fi. But it is important to use your charms and ask this question in a way that the person will provide you the Wi-Fi password.

2.Use your Wi-Fi scanner:

You can get the free Wi-Fi by just keep looking for the free Wi-Fi with help of your scanner. Mostly your Wi-Fi scanner alerts you when it finds any free available Wi-Fi but also you can keep looking for it when you are in a place that might offer free Wi-Fi. Mostly the Wi-Fi is secured but you can try some simple passwords such as initial or last alphabets or numbers which can let you access the Wi-Fi.
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3.Join the community for free Wi-Fi:

If you are genuinely looking for a free Wi-Fi, you must join a community which allows you to access the free Wi-Fi such as Instabridge. This is a very good app where you can find many people offering details of location and passwords of free Wi-Fi. You can always get the location nearby you to get the free Wi-Fi connection. There is a lot of people telling the password of certain location for example if a person has paid for an expensive coffee in a café and get to know the password, he or she will share the password with this community for others to enjoy too.

4.Pay attention to your surrounding:

When you are outdoors paying attention to your mobile notification alerting for the free Wi-Fi network available. Many times someone around you is using an internet data package and you can use it too, all for free. Mostly the malls and other crowded places such as airports, shops; bus and train stations, saloon etc provide a free Wi-Fi connection for the people who are waiting.

5.Exchange Wi-Fi passwords:

Rather than just depending on the free passwords of Wi-Fi you can exchange the Wi-Fi password and both parties can enjoy free passwords. The Wi-Fi hotspot is a helpful app which let you share your Wi-Fi details to other while uses the Wi-Fi of others in return. This is a very good and mutual way of exchanging the Wi-Fi with others and uses different Wi-Fi in different locations by just paying for you own Wi-Fi data.

6.Go to the place where is free Wi-Fi:

There are many places which allow you to access free Wi-Fi such as multinational brands and food chains. Always prefer to go these places which offer you free Wi-Fi, these food chains or brands can be local too and offer Wi-Fi to get more customers.
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