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In this era, there is hardly any field where the computer is not used and the most importantly the MS-Office is considered as a package that one must be aware of. In such situation for any organization, it is important to check if the concerned candidate whom it may hire is aware of the skills of computer or not. In some cases, the requirement may be higher where the employee may have to use the system and office package. Hence to know the knowledge level of the candidate the recruiter must carry out a test where the skills of the computer can be easily tested. It is known as the MS word test. There are many organizations that rely on the result of such tests taken by the recruiter or third party agency to hire the employees from the open market. The test result of MS Word test can help one know if one is familiar with the test or not. MS word is computer software that is used to produce and edit documents.

MS Word is one of the computer software’s that should be known by people who are to work in a company because nothing gets more basic than MSWord. MSWord is required for filling out all the forms there are, to correct documents and pretty much for everything else since this is the 21st century and everything is computerized. So the knowledge of MS-word is essential to get a job. While operating MS-word is reasonably easy enough some might face a snag which only poses as a hindrance both to the company and the employee. A company requires a candidate who can operate MS-word with ease because all the company data is on it.

All the sheets, transactions, documents, everything is on MSWord. A person might be overqualified for the job, but if he doesn’t know how to use MS Word properly, he might not even be considered for the job. People who take the job in the company under the pretense of knowing MS-word only hinder in the company’s otherwise smooth working. Therefore it is impertinent that the candidates are made to prove themselves by giving a test on how to use Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is the easiest software that is required for all the daily tasks in a company, from writing to editing, Microsoft Word is the software where all these tasks are done and perfected to be presented to the bosses or the clients. A person who has no it negligible knowledge of Microsoft word may prove to be an embarrassment for the superiors of the company especially in front of people that are not a part of the company. Hence it is very necessary for a company to hire a person that is good with MS-word.

How does this test help?

The Microsoft word test allows the company to recognize the people from the test givers who are experienced in MS-word. These people are efficient and fast when it comes to the working of the software thus saving the company both time and money. A person who can type quickly is considered a great asset of the company because of its ability to make notes at the speed at which a person is talking. The main features of the Microsoft word test are-

  • It determines the basic knowledge of the candidate
  • No conceptual knowledge is necessary to Ace this test
  • There are no mathematical or reasoning questions involved
  • Any type of a company can conduct this test on its candidates to see their ability in managing MS-word.

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This test also allows the company to see how much IQ the candidate has on a basic level because MS Word is one of the primary things that children are taught in schools. This test enables the employers to choose smart people among the ones who have topped by cramming up their books and have no outside knowledge or decision making abilities that will help the company to grow. A person should be an expert in the basics of Microsoft word not only for the company but also because of its following features-

  • It allows a person to edit, modify, and write whole documents.
  • A person can make pie charts and all sorts of graphs in this software.
  • There is an option of adding pictures and clipart available in this software.
  • It is the most common and easy to use software to create proposals and reports.

To pass a Microsoft Word test, a person should know how to do all the activities that are mentioned above.

A company should definitely conduct this test in order to judge its candidates in their seriousness for the job as well as their abilities. MS-word while being the most popular software for creating documents also has the added advantage of being easy to learn and use which comes in handy for a lot of people. A test regarding Microsoft word not only makes a person efficient but also makes the candidate realize that basic skills are needed and more valued at many firms’ rather than fancy skills. The feature most valued of this test is that it only tests the knowledge if the person that they have gained over their school years and not the conceptual knowledge that is required to pass most tests. This test aids the company in checking the spellings and punctuation of the candidate which is extremely important nowadays as English is the most widely spoken language in the world. People who aspire to take up employment in companies should have knowledge of the entire Microsoft office and not just word. It is so because these software’s are best friends for one who needs to work on a computer in a company as they have all kinds of features from replacing a word to spell check to inserting pictures in the document. Hence one must know the MS Office.

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