PopAds Reviews 2018: Earn Money From Popup Ads

Are you looking for a best AdSense alternative? Did AdSense reject your application? Or maybe your site does not comply with AdSense policies? If you are in any one of these situations, then why not try PopAds?Popads Reviewspopads reviews
Webmasters and blog owners widely use PopAds because of their instant approval system, instant payment system and high CPM rate per thousand visitors.So read popads reviews.

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What are PopAds?

PopAds are not a regular type of Ads that will be displayed in the sidebar or may be in posts, these ads will show when a user clicks anywhere on your web page, a new window will open, and a visitor will see the ads.

So, technically you don’t have to add codes in posts and sidebars, all you have, to do is add a unique PopAds.net code in HTML of your site or blog in between the opening and closing tag of Head.

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Best Niches For PopAds? Popads Reviews

Although there is no restriction of any website or blog in PopAds.net, you can show their ads on porn sites and non-porn websites. But I have a list of high paying niches for PopAds.net Ads:

⦁    Downloading sites:
Sites that provide any downloads like software, games, WordPress and Blogger Themes, etc. are the best niche, in my opinion. Because these kinds of sites provide some external links to download setups, so a user must have to click on download button.

⦁    Pron Sites:

First of all, I don’t recommend you to make a porn site because it may be illegal in some countries like Pakistan but if you have one, then do monetize it with PopAds.net popup ads.

⦁    Movies/Entertainment Sites:

Sites that provides Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. movies and have a huge amount of traffic are also best for Popup ads. Because just like downloading sites, these sites also have third party URL to videos.

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How to apply to PopAds.net?

Signing up to PopAds.net is not that hard, it takes only a few seconds. All you have to do is, go to PopAds.net and signup and add a site. They have instant approval system so just add your site, choose a category of that site, and you are ready to go.

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Payment Methods and Minimum Pay Threshold:

PopAds.net offer a CPM rate of around 4$ for every 1000 visitors as said on their official site, and that’s not bad at all. PopAds.net pays via PayPal and Payoneer, and minimum pay is $5 and $20 respectively. The best part regarding payments from PopAds.net is, you can withdraw instantly. It will cost you a fee, but you will be paid in no time.

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Final Words:

If you don’t have AdSense or your site doesn’t comply with their policies, then PopAds worth a try. Don’t worry; it’s not a SCAM as they are trusted by so many webmasters around the world.

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