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Hello, Friends Today I’m Going to share 5 notepad tricks. hope you enjoy this tricks.

Notepad is an excellent application by Microsoft. It’s inbuilt in windows. It’s tons of functions. Well, in case you understand a few of the programming languages you then can in a position save it and after that to make applications Notepad tricks

notepad tricks

It’s a superb tool for virtually any programmer. As pleasure, together with the aid of some notepad tricks, we can be additionally capable of using this notepad. I’ll provide you some VBS scripts or Batch programming, whatever you must do is just save that with a particular extension. You can able to do some things that are fresh with those tricks that are notepad.

If you understand another programming languages and batch, then it’ll be absorbing because you then can in a position to customize that code according to your demand or you can make your kind of notepad antics.

There are a few of the Mac users who don’t understand about Notepad. I’d like to inform you what Notepad is?

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What’s Notepad?

A Notepad is a text editor for Windows. It lets you add custom text and save it. You can also capable of adding a few of the programming codes in those codes and notepad will do the task for you.

I’m likely to share some the most famous antics that are notepad. With all the aid of those tricks that are notepad, you can able enough to find out a few of the things that are awesome on your desktop.

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1.Shut Down Computer Using Notepad Tricks

With all assistance from this notepad trick, notebook or your computer may be shut down by activating this trick. Isn’t it trendy? That’s incredibly cool for sure, whatever you must do is just copy that code

@echo off

msg * System will now shut down

shutdown -c “Bye!” –s

After that, save that file with xyz.vbs, it is extremely crucial that you add .vbs in the ending. By running this notepad as it’s going to inform the windows that it’s script that ought to activate. You see your personal computer is shutting down.

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2.Delete System32 File With Notepad Tricks

Should you be a newcomer to using windows, then I’ll propose one to do as it’ll corrupt your windows use this trick on your PC, then you’ll need to set up new windows.


Just save this file with .bit. Well, in the event you’d like to take reprisal then this trick is mainly for you. But do anyone hurts this is just for the educational goal. But if you did consider vengeance install new windows and then allow them to regain all files.

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Now, I am going to say the way to make matrix Effect using Notepad. As it is going to feel you like a hacker in the area, it’s very trendy trick. Just duplicate this code that is unique:

@echo off

color 02


echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

%random% %random% %random% %random% goto start

After saving that file open, Voila!! You made it. Now you happen to be looking in the manner of a hacker. Reveal your buddy this trick.

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4.Open Notepad Constant Notepad Tricks

You can play as it is going to open notepad everytime you shut it with notepad itself. You’ll be able to do it on your buddy’s computer make fun of these or to irritate them. Only Copy this code

@ECHO off


START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe GOTO top

Open that application and start to see the magic.

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5.World Trade Center Attack Notepad Tricks

This is unique notepad trick which will be purely dedicated to 9/11 American terrorist Strike, where twin tower was ruined with two airplanes. Well, there exists a message in notepad raise the font size to 72 and then alter the font to wingdings and Just open Notepad type Q33N.

After that, you will see something interesting. Test it. I’ll not tell you here.

Now, I’ve shared what you had been searching for. It’s time to share these tricks along with friends and family. When you have got more tricks share with us.

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