How do you know your purchased device is not original or cloned?

  • Android Tips And TricksClown or replica mobile must have heard about. In recent times, such products are often heard. Due to low income and various kinds of social practices, our country’s attractiveness towards cheap products is more than other regions. In this opportunity, Replica phones are being sold in Dehdar to the shops of Dhaka, including Dhaka city. At present, some buyers are purchasing this type of phone or tablet PC, knowingly about replica phones. But they are deceived and the number of buyers, but not the least. The question is, how do you know if your used phone is real? Come to the beginning, try to understand a bit more detail about this. Clone or replica phones are a specific model duplicate Generally, relatively expensive and popular models are made of clones. But remember, the replica handsets look like those specific models but its quality or performance is not the same as the original; Rather, it is much worse than that. As a result, you can not expect good performance from a replica phone. Most of the time, after a few days of purchase, but after a few days, the handset is facing many problems. The main reason is that most of the hardware and components used on replica phones are very cheap. Suppose that a processor, ray, or standard camera used on an original Samsung brand phone, looks like a replica but never gets on the phone. Naturally, the price of Replica phones is much lower than the original phone. The buyer may think that at least a price can be bought in a beautiful phone. But any other original phone service offered at that price will definitely be better than replica phones; This can be sure. And as a conscious person, you do not have to be difficult to understand, the manufacture and sale of these products in any country of the world is legally banned. Think, why do you know yourself in an illegal job? Let’s go to our main context. How to recognize a replica phone? Below are some of the ways to identify replica phones. The first and most effective way of identifying the original or replica phone is the IMEI Code Verification. The term IMEI is being fulfilled is the International Mobile Equipment Identity. Each phone has a unique IMEI code that can collect information about different types of phone brands, model numbers, date of release etc. But where will you get the unique IMEI code of your mobile? You can find out this code in many ways. The easiest way to do this is to go to your mobile dial box and type * # 06 # Apart from opening the back cover of the mobile, the IMEI code is provided below the battery. During this time you can do another small test. Match the code under the battery with the code found in the dial * # 06 # in the mobile dial box; Whether the two are the same code. These two numbers may be different for many clone products. If it is different, then the mobile or tablet is a replica product. Second, a phone’s originality can be examined by examining the build quality of the phone. In that case you have to be a little better acquainted with the product. So before purchasing any product, collect information as much as possible about its branded website or selected products from other sites, hardware used in it. Among the common features that will be tested, one of the product’s construction tools is among them. It is also important to note that the purchase of mobile phones or tablet PCs is that the phone body is not plastic or metallic, its length-width-height and weight, size of screen, what glass is used in the display, brand name spell or logo presentation , Whether the sensors are perfect, whether all the physical buttons in the body are in the right proportion, etc. If possible, you can take an original set of the same brand and model or someone you have experienced in this regard. Check out the phone or tablet firmware and software when all the external aspects are complete. Please note that the Android, IOS or Windows version of the set is not the case. Clone on iPhone but never get the iOS operating system If your iPhone is bought by Google instead of iTunes, then you can make sure that it is cloned. Take a couple pictures and check the camera and resolution of camera resolution. If possible, you can download a mobile app from Google Play on the phone called Untutu Benchmark. It can provide some important information related to your device. You can also get some important information about the phone from the phone’s own settings in the phone’s settings. Generally speaking, in these tests, when your selected device is set correctly it is an original device. However, take appropriate precautions in these examinations. Because these tests are dependent on what kind of service your device wants to buy in the future.

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