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Are you fed up with those stupid ads in your games? Does lack of customization in your game frustrate you? Or you just want to skip that level or buy that new gun but just don’t have the money for it? If so, your worries are over.

Simply put there exists this free app called “CREEHACK” which allows you to fool the other games into thinking that you actually paid money for the stuff you bought.

Yup, its free, and not just games, this app does a lot more than just games. It by-passes any and every payment for every app out there.


Be it your office software, your personal trainer or your favourite streaming service (that live basketball match). This is what practically free internet for the people looks like. “CREEHACK”, remember the name. It’s 1.8MB big (literally smaller than your songs) and is quite clean.

By clean I mean no virus or spyware attached. Did I mention that it does not need you root your phone (in contrary to other similar apps like freedom).

When you use it for the first time it would ask for some permissions, on that just trust me and allow all of them and then you are all set to have all the good stuff without burning a hole through your pocket.

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Now it’s quite natural to ask “what’s the catch? before we know you may also like 8 ball pool mod Apk Best part, there is none. There just are good people sometimes that like to help others. It works on all android devices (rooted or non-rooted) with O.S better than v5. That’s Android KitKat for the uninitiated, which means that it would work on virtually any Android device of today’s time (seriously, who even uses it anymore?).

So yes, just to make it clear, it’s an Android app, not iOS (yet another way to tease that apple fanboy). But worry not, on other platforms like Windows, for example, you can download an android emulator (also free) and install the goodies there. Emulators like the Blue Stack would work just fine.

So just to recap, the free app–no strings attached– lets you make all in-game purchase of your favorite games for free and any other app out there as well– no root required — very small — works on virtually all currently available Android devices– also on other platforms via emulator.

This app isn’t available in the Google Play Store so you will have to download it from Creehack.

To install it you will have to enable “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option in the security tab of your settings. Also, you will have to enable installation of “THIRD PARTY APPS” for its installation to begin. If it’s still not happening just restart your phone once. That ought to do it.

Once downloaded find the apk with the file explorer and click on it to install (it’s that simple). Just make sure the apk was on the phones internal memory before installation, if not then copy paste the file to the internal memory. (Now you are definitely all set. That’s it, enjoy your eternal trial period XD.

P.S: There are other similar apps available if you don’t like this one like

Gamekiller, freedom, Xmod etc. But all of these (not ” CREEHACK”) requires you to root your phone.



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