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Ways To Install Windows 10

There are two approaches you can take for installing Windows 10 in your computer: 1.Upgrade 2.Clean Install. Typically, when you upgrade your operating system, all your documents and applications remain unchanged, whereas with a clean install you would…

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Search for a person who can work with MS Word flawlessly ends here!

In this era, there is hardly any field where the computer is not used and the most importantly the MS-Office is considered as a package that one must be aware of. In such situation for any organization, it…

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What is rootkit virus attack and how to prevent it?

What is Rootkit Virus Attack and How to Prevent it

A rootkit is a superior type of malware (malicious program). Rootkits are distinct because you don’t know what they will do or are already doing. Rootkits are nearly unnoticeable, and they are nearly not possible to be removed….

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USB Drive Not Showing Up – How to Make it Visible

USB Drive Not Showing Up So, you are struggling with the situation where you find it difficult to detect your USB drive on a certain device. Obviously, it is an irritating situation. You would surely like to get…

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What Services Does a Skype Resolver Offer?

Skype is one of the most trusted software for making internet calls. Every day, there are millions of people who contact each other via Skype using its voice or video call service. Chatting and talking is not the…

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