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Blackmart Alpha is a substitute of Google play store and compatible with android operating system and serves its functionality to the android and tablets users .Blackmart provides its services to users by which user can download any kind of application without any requirement of having an account and any kind of registration .

The Google play store is a very extensive market that serves  a number of application to store ,but miserably Google play store provides some application with some  charges . And sometime they indulge application allow to download which are only compatible with their android phones and tablets . Blackmart overcome all this problem of Google play store . You can download your application without any limitation .

Blackmart is an application that store all type application store for Android and Tablet users. Blackmart Alpha App is store app in different categories like game ,education ,fun and Top level application stored in category. Black Market Android is store all application for free of cost.

Blackmart alpha app is an app where all Android Apps are present. There are lots of apps like blackmart alpha but blackmart alpha app is an app that does not require any kind of registration, we can use it directly after downloading it and all the necessary app that is very important for a smart phone All we can do is download this Android blackmart with the help of alpha. blackmart alpha app is a very good application for android users because it is also free in this application which is available in money on Google Play Store Also, the app is also available which are not available on the Google Play Store such as snaptube cartoon hd apk, you can download all such apps with the help of blackmart alpha in your android phone.You can also download that app by blackmart alpha which you have to pay for downloading from Google Play Store. It is very simple to understand the blackmart alpha app’s user interface as you will see that there is a separate part for app’s application and there is a separate part of the device’s application, so that we do not have much trouble understanding it and with it the blackmart In alpha app, there are also separate shows that are of top level and there are shows in top games, top educational app and more funny app also in different parts.

You can Download Blackmart Alpha through trusted Website like Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Apk is the most latest and famous application of the alpha Blackmart android market , through the Blackmart Apk you can download the various application that are useful to us . it is convenient environment for the various application that interacts with user in efficient manner.

Download :-

To make the downloads first of all you have to go official website of Blackmart or you can go to any website but make sure that you are downloading blackmart from reliable site  because there are various fraud sites are available that can cause damage or harm to your devices .

From the official website just download it .

Blackmart Alpha App-blackmartalphaapp

Installation : –

To install this alternative android market you have to follow some basic steps : –

In most cases you need to go setting menu , select “unknown sources “ and check the box .

In the following manner you can install the alternative of Google play store .

When you try to install an application that does not belongs to original market (Google) , then some problems occurs , so by default the box for “ unknown sources “ is not checked then it is adviseable to dull not to have more problems with installation of application .

App name : – Blackmart

App size : – 5.95 Mb

Developer : – Blackmart alpha

App version : – 1.1.4

Required version : – Android 2.3

Last updated : – 17 feb 2018

Blackmart is also known as Black market alpha Apk which is developed for android users .Blackmart Apk is best application and most popular among all users of Android phones .

It is the best alternative to Google play store .BlackmartApk has several versions in this I will give you the brief description about the version 1.1.4 of the BlackmartApk .

This version has total memory of 5.95 MB and its minimum android requirement is 2.3 and above .Blackmart V 1.1.4 was last updated on 17 feb2018 .

The main reason of popularity of this app is that you can download the paid apps without pay any charges .you don’t need to spend money on it .

Using BlackmartApk  V 1.1.4 you can feel the power of all paid android apps in your handsets and devices .

Features of Blackmart apk

  1. Increase server response :- Blackmart apk increase the server response means that web server respond to a request from a browser as quickly as possible . If you want to download any app by accessing internet then you can download it very fast .
  2. Fixes bugs : – Blackmart Apk has the protocol of bug fixing by which error can be easily identified and error can be resolved as quickly as possible . A bug fix is also known as program temporary fix (PTF) .
  3. Responsive design : – It’s user interface plasticity become more friendly . responsive design should contain viewer proximity . The Blackmart Apk has the best viewer proximity .
  4. Speed run : – Blackmart Apk is called as speedrun because of the main aim of this android market is that to complete the downloading task very quickly . It attempts to execute the assigned task in very fast manner .
  5. No trial or test basis apps : – Blackmart Apk has no procedure of any trial applications . it does not based on trial and test . it does not require to test any app you can just download it and access the app without any trial procedure . You have to download the application from it without worrying about any testing methods .
  6. Proprietary application : – It never want for anything means that you can own any application without bear any cost . you don’t need to pay any charges to download the application that you want or like . It is completely free of cost .
  7. Intuitive : – developers always want to develop the products that are easy to use . So frequently that we tend to ignore the claims as meaningless hype . Basically the user’s skills , knowledge matters for the sake of easiness . but here any kind of user without any experience can access it without any difficulty .
  8. No registration :- Many application requires the process of account creation and registration but the Blackmart does not need any kind of this process . you can directly get the benefit of different application without any registration or account login .
  9. Multiple languages : – the option of multiple language is available here by which any user can choose it’s suitable language and can enjoy the application in their own language .
  10. Updated apps : – collection of updates apps are available with new features and all the application are available with different versions any user can download the application of any version .

Blackmart Alpha can supports different languages like Spanish, German, Italian, English, Turkish and many more. It supports multiple Andriod versions and Andriod operating system Karbon, Celkon, Moto G, Samsung, Windows phones, Micromaxetc on this devices you can download Blackmart.


If you have any queries related to blackmart apk and its versions you can ask us. We are always here to help you.


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