Apple or Samsung when it comes to Smartwatches ?

It’s really confusing when it comes to decision making while buying a smartwatch, you visit an online shopping store and realize that you can’t decide which one to go for because you haven’t used most of it, especially the cheap Chinese models of smartwatches are very compelling but it is preferred to go for quality when it comes to electronic products.

Smartwatches are very common now and come with a lot of features which makes daily tasks of users much easier and helps in getting work done in a hassle-free manner.

There are various well-known companies producing smartwatches. Giants like Tag Heuer, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, LG and few others. These companies have made millions of smartwatches and bought a boom in the smartwatch industry along with smartphones.

So, a question arises. Which is the best smartwatch?

Well, that’s a tough question to answer because everyone has different requirements, some might go for good trendy looks and other might go for a purely functional purpose.
The Apple and Samsung war among users is never ending so we will be going through Smartwatches by both, you decide which suits you.

Apple Watch Series 3 

Compared to 2015, this series is much, much better in many features and looks, it has a mixture of smartwatch and fitness tracker. It is far better than any Android wear out there. Apple smartwatch is a combination of style and technology. One can’t deny that Apple is still doing best in smartwatches.

This smartwatch lets you make and receive calls, text and all other features your phone would do. Apart from its tech benefits, t is also focused on fitness, the smartwatch has a GPS and it is one of the best waterproof smartwatch as well so you don’t have to worry about your watch next time you jump for swimming, the watch also monitors heart rate while workout and other physical activities.

The Apple Smartwatch is available on various online shopping websites.

Samsung Gear 3

Samsung has always amazed us with its new models and features. The gear series has been very popular and interesting to use. The gear 3 is supported by Android and iOS as well which makes it a favorite watch for Apple users as well. The Samsung Gear S3 comes with a larger body and bigger look compared to Gear S2. With a bigger battery and screen it makes it a reliable smartwatch and easy to operate, the battery timing is around 3 days which is much better than other smartwatches available out there.

It’s good watch to go for if you are looking for a combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker because it lies somewhere between them, it also has a heartrate sensor, a built-in GPS and updated Samsung Health software, you can enjoy this watch with health applications supported smartphones, it also has a built-in speaker to talk and an option of LTE as well.

But, there are some flaws you might want to consider, the Gear 3 is not water proofed and ultimately this means you can’t wear it while swimming. You might want to go for Samsung Gear Sport if you are looking for waterproof smartwatches.

Apart from its drawback of not having a water proof body, it’s a good watch to go for and has some fascinating features.

Do let us know how was your experience and which brand do you prefer, Samsung or Apple ?

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